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I am a traveling Florida notary public based Gainesville, FL and am available around the clock for those times you just happen to need a notary. For cases where the signer is immobile, I am able to travel to the surrounding Gainesville areas such as Alachua, High Springs, Keystone Heights, Melrose and Lake City to notarize documents (travel charges may apply).

Please address any questions regarding services or acceptable forms of ID prior to scheduling. Charges vary based on the service and additional charges apply if after hours (10pm-6am).



Florida, South Carolina and Maine are the only 3 states in which notaries are allowed to solemnize marriages.

In Florida, there is a 3-day waiting period before the marriage can be solemnized therefore a marriage license must be obtained at least 3 days prior to the ceremony. A valid marriage license and ID’s must be presented PRIOR to the ceremony. All parties including at least one adult witness (can be provided) must be present at the time of the ceremony. All documents must be originals.

In regards to the ceremony, the couple can make special requests such as location, attire, additional vows, etc so long as they do not violate the legal requirements of the solemnization of the marriage. Special requests may be subject to additional charges.


Affidavits are sworn statements made under oath. The affiant (person making the statement) MUST BE present with valid ID.


A notary is authorized to administer an oath for a deposition for use in a court case or investigation but does not actually take the testimony (a lawyer does). A notary cannot participate in the questioning of a witness giving a deposition. The deponent must be physically present for a notary to administer the oath even if the deposition is taken over a telephone.

Safe-deposit box content certification

There are certain conditions where a financial institution can open a safe-deposit box, for example if the rental fee is past due and proper notice have been made and other required conditions have been met. A notary must be present for the opening of the safe-deposit box along with an officer of the institution.

Vin Verification

Vin verification may be required when applying for a Florida car title, transferring a title or purchasing a used car. Florida authorizes notaries to certify this information. It is advisable to obtain a bill is sale when purchasing a vehicle from a private seller.

*This service is only available during daylight hours

Minor Consent

Parent and minor must be present regardless of the circumstance. State issued ID is required for both parties (minors 12 and up can get a Florida identification card). If the parents last name is different than the minor, a marriage license, name change document or minors birth certificate MUST be presented. Legally, step-parents or other relatives (siblings, grandparents, etc) cannot make decisions for a minor unless they

1) legally adopt the minor

2) are appointed legal guardian by a court

Therefore In this case, adoption papers and/or custody documents must also be presented. Power of attorney of a minor only covers situations dealing with the minors health and finances (see FAQ).

*School ID/yearbook and birth certificate can be used as ID for minors under 15

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